Turnkey Recruitment Projects

Turnkey Recruitment projects are taken-up by organisations searching for mass recruitment over all verticals in constrained time span. Typically this sort of recruitment need emerges in scenarios of begin ups expansions or M&A practice or start of another division in an organisation or searching for infusing crisp ability in group, taking non performance in attention or topographical spread into new areas or new product launch in business and so on where conglomerations look to fill in numerous positions.

Enlisting a right ability is equivalent to purchasing a possession for organization along these lines it includes Top supervisors and other key personnel. Turnkey Recruitment Projects are time and resource bound, it becomes very exigent task to cover up company’s targets and also hiring talent in limited time frame and can significantly hampers an organisation’s long term goals. Therefore, hiring an outside Consultant to handle the project in its total preserves the company’s time and resources for its business.

The Giant HR has took care of a portion of the expansion projects for clients in India as well as international areas. We comprehend the sense of earnestness and the expense conceived by clients of not having individuals at right time in right place. We are fit for delivering total team recruitment solutions for Projects or for new wanders. We mobilize our internal resources to process large volume responses, manage selection of required personnel, including the management of administrative details and logistics.

Our turnkey movement plans decipher to a significant saving of your time and most significant of all, of the expenses when contrasted with different method of sourcing. We verify that all levels of Employees are enrolled within the given deadlines and inside the stipulated expense structures, while guaranteeing that there is no crumbling in the standard of recruitment or the nature of administration furnished. We further bestow the fundamental training to augment productivity of the new team. Assuming that needed, we can likewise administer other vendors to ensure the quickest ramp up for any given project. This gives a tremendous advantage to the client, since it helps to the client to get access and select bulk number of talented people shortly.

Turnkey Recruitment: Success Reason

  • We have our own online Job Portal with brand name of Applykar.com with data base of more than 2.5 Million candidates spread across all industries and sectors.
  • We assign the task depending on the Industry practice of consultants. Consultants working on these assignments have got more than 800 work-hours of experience in the same field.
  • Each consultant is trained to speak with at least 1000 different candidates before taking up turnkey recruitment assignments.
  • Large force of trained consultants working at a time on a single project on war footings.
  • Our consultants are well trained on “Approach Methodology”, “Search Methodology” and “Negotiation Skills”; thereby increasing the probability of success of convincing the same candidates which otherwise would refuse when approached by client directly.
  • We get a strategic benefit of higher conversion of candidates because we approach as a career partner and have multiple client options.
  • Our consultants are well trained for managing recruitment drives and are also prepared for crisis management and backup plans.
  • Best infrastructure and high-end technology available for carrying out interviews over phone and video conferencing with multiple backup options.
  • We are well connected with all the support systems hotels, travel agents and advertisement agencies since they are our regular clients. 

Turnkey Recruitment: Assignments

  • Expansion of  Sales Team for Leading Sugar Co.
  • New Plant Set up for Leading Manufacturing Co.
  • Sales Team Expansion for Leading Plastic Co.
  • New Production plant Expansion for Leading Mfg. Co.
  • New R&D Facility Expansion for Leading Chemical Co.

Turnkey Recruitment: Consultant

Ms. Disha Mehta – Business Consultant APAC Region

Ms. Disha has been associated with the firm, since inception and has been pioneered partner to organisation. She is engineering Practice head for The Giant HR and is located in Mumbai. She is responsible for search operations including business development, candidate evaluation, client management, and execution of search assignments in the Engineering sector across Asia Pacific Location.

Contact Ms. Disha at : disha@thegianthr.com

Ms. Bhagyashree Bhat – Business Consultant Middle East

Ms. Bhagyashree leads the firm’s International Turnkey Recruitment Practice. Her strong client engagement skills and ability to navigate through networks has allowed her to establish and build long-term relationships with entrepreneurs. She has been in managing international assignments and her major focus is on Middle East and North African Countries.

Contact Ms. Bhagyahsree at : bhagyashree@thegianthr.com