Corporate Responsibility

Boyen Haddin’s passion is in helping companies and Individual that have a positive and transformative impact in society, be they university, school, Non profit organisation, public bodies or private sector companies. Though, the civil society focus of our work transcends the clients we serve and as a firm we seek to represent best practice as responsible Vendor, employers and members of our community.

Boyen Haddin is fully committed to upholding the principles of equality and diversity through all its practices, believing this can only be achieved by recognizing the unique value of every individual. Throughout each selection process we work to advise clients on equal opportunities and to monitor the process from an equal opportunities perspective.

Boyen Haddincolleagues are actively encouraged to share their skills via volunteering opportunities and are awarded a number of ‘volunteer leave’ days to donate their time for benefit of under privileged people. On average, two weeks of colleague time is volunteered every year across a range of volunteering projects. We remain committed to developing and strengthening our corporate responsibility initiatives to ensure they are at the cutting edge of responsible business activities.

Social Responsibility

We at Boyen Haddin strongly believe in the need to give back to society, not just as a social responsibility initiative, but as a lifelong commitment that is rooted in our principles and philosophy. As a result, we are part of a number of activities that help us engage with various sections and communities. By letting us into their lives they have helped us evolve both as an organization and as individuals.

Boyen Haddin is associated in educating under privileged students, who cannot afford to fund their primary education.

Boyen Haddin is associated with leading NGO, who in helping Cancer patients.