Functional Expertise

Board & CEO Service

Boyen Haddin’s Board & CEO Services Practice involves a percentage of the best, encountered advisors in the industry

Financial Officer

Our noteworthy review financial Executive Search experience gives us the level of knowledge vital to completely comprehend the intricate requests of CEO’s.

SupplyChain Officer

Supplychain incorporates a tight joining of capacities from Sourcing and Procurement, Manufacturing Operations, Transportation and Logistics to
Customer Service and Quality.

Human Resource

CEOs and Board executives distinguish that HR experts assume a vital part in making organizational society and upholding an atmosphere in which executives can solidly serve customers and clients.

Technology Officer

Today’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) assume an essential
part in the production of the association’s vital
arrange and in articulating how innovation can empower business methodologies

Legal Professional Officer

Senior legitimate officers and chief compliance
officers are at the heart of business today. They
should expert complex administrative and chance
issues over the globe and uphold boards in
reinforcing legislation.


Sustainability, to our customers, conveys
double significance. From one viewpoint,
it manages their social and ecological stewardship.

Chief Marketing Officer

We have extensive experience recruiting senior leaders such as Chief Commercial Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Sales Officers and Chief Strategy Officers

Industry Expertise