Value of Internship Experience

The cost of attending top level education to get into best job is set to sky, the ever rising unemployment between new generation and exceptional cut down in recruitment budgets by the companies due to recession has made young people to forget getting in to the job of their choice.

Even those with high degree of qualification will find difficult for applying for any jobs with no previous work experience reflecting on their resumes. Candidates applying for better jobs are unlikely to get through selection process and would have very little or probably no chance in cracking the offers.

To get into the specific job role, one has to start working on stipend. Internship plays very crucial role in your career path, it assist us what one should do and what not. Internship experience adds invaluable skills in an intern by raising the maturity level, command over intra personal and inters personal skills. Make internship your first step towards your career; it will help you to create road map ahead.

Every individual has vision to start the career with their dream Jobs, but this thought is based out of hypothetical situation and once person join the Job, the dream job is no more the same. Internship experience assist individual to chalk out best career path and how to work towards it. One may not individually see a difference in them self, but it promises that one will leave a bit wiser, more mature, more confident, and a better candidate for the next job.


Why Head hunters?

We are in the middle of a financial downturn and it affects personal and professional lives of an individual at large. The financial instability has left many people unemployed and rest to work under extreme restriction. It does not surprise, if financial volatility affects Top management Recruitment. In such adverse affect getting right candidate from the market is one of the most exigent tasks to perform, below are some of Top Reasons Why Head Hunters?

  • Restricted Compensation: The major movement of top management depend in attractive compensation, but at times of financial instability, it becomes way difficult for companies to spend on their employees, even at the top management. The financial Stability makes it very difficult to recruit people at the top level.
  • Supply of Workforce Exceeding Demand: With the cut throat competition, the demand for niche and Strategic positions has always been higher, particularly for top management roles. In times of financial downturn a large number of companies are folding up leaving the top level employees jobless along with the others, and on other hand there would be pool of excellent candidates available for Jobs and selecting one out of top Chaps is just not easy.
  • Unsteadiness in the Business Sector: The financial instability creates huge unsteadiness across business sectors. The Heavy Weights companies failing, undoubtedly SME’s section feels the spot of burning of not getting top talents to hold the company’s growth in the market. Employees at top management are not willing to change their current roles, due to high risk involved in joining new company.   

A Professional Head hunter has very different way of analysing and searching profiles, they have excellent Convincing and Negotiating skills; their goal is to find top performers from the direct competitors, who can add value to their clients. Head Hunters Play most important role in shaping companies goal at large by convincing Top Performers of market to work with our organisation and take them towards next steps.


Poor Recruitment Process Kills

Recruiting the right chap has never been that easy and it is getting more difficult these days due of technology and social networking advancement. Most of top performers are passive on job search, our recruitment process has to be capable of enticing them for the opportunity. Companies following poor recruitment process kill the brand image of their own irreparably.  One wrong hire and company loose in big way.

Let see the view through hypothetical example, A Sales Manager resign from the post and leaves the organisation. Sales Head immediately look forward for replacement of Sales Manager, and HR person will start looking for the replacement of the post on immediate basis. HR starts looking for Recruitment firm and hires them for the Job. The Recruitment firm quickly start looking for resumes in their database and forward to client. Urging that the hard to fill position advantage and getting elastic on package. To search some more, firm will start hunting the candidates from their trusted database account and some numbers are generated from the database to pass on to client.  View from Sales Head Point, Every other day without a having Manager in place the less potential sales, to cover up sales part of manager, not much focus is given to close the position is still vacant.  Secondly pressure his mountain high, as sales very on slightly on lower end, and slowly steadily start dipping and to ground and high chances of missing goals. The Sales Head make use of the best decision and agrees to meet two applicants. After the long process the company will zero down on one and close the position. As position was difficult to close many points are over looked in hiring the candidates. Meanwhile candidate resign from current Job and join the company after 60 days to 3months. The first two months of new employee spent in understanding company, their culture, their work process and pressure start amounting, sales figures haven’t recovered from bottom line and the performance of new joinee is not seems as per expectations. Now new high amount of pressure on new recruit, and he is unable to achieve the targets and finally doors are shown to new recruit for bad performance.

With such type of poor recruitment process an organisation would be getting in all way round. Firstly incurring heavy loss due to lower sales, paying recruitment fee to firm for new hiring, With sky high pressure new hire would not be able to perform and fired from job due to bad performance after paying for 6 -8 months and finally company loosing potential business to competitors and brand equity from Market.