Mining & Metal

Though many people never question where the Diamond for their Jewelry can, the steel for their automobiles, or the inner components of their PCs come from, the metals industry touches us all on day to day basis. Metal resources can be found across industry sectors such as manufacturing, transportation, utilities, communication, and construction. Because of this adversity and deep integration across economic sectors, the metals industry faces a unique set of challenges. Whether it is the lessening of demand in uncertain economic times, a shortening supply due to overproduction, or a decline in the price of natural resources, Boyen Haddin understands the issues affecting today’s metals companies and has the resources necessary to help those companies identify and target the skills and talents needed to lead them.

Yet scarcity of talent is just part of the sector’s human capital challenge. To effectively deal with today’s global customer base, as well as heightened public, community and shareholder concerns and increased government regulation, the mining industry requires leaders with competencies that go beyond “Old times” operating and project management expertise. This requirement is aggravated by the fact that there has been a complete shift of mining operations into “non-traditional” locations such as parts of South America, Africa and Asia. Effective community engagement and stakeholder management and the ability to navigate in an often challenging and changing regulatory environment will be critical for success in these new frontiers. The new breed of mining executives must work effectively with global constituencies, perform well under both public and internal pressures, and effectively collaborate with a multitude of stakeholders to make operations not only more safe and sustainable, but also more efficient and profitable.

Our consultants are “insiders” in the industry who stay closely in tune to current and emerging trends and maintain strong networks in the sector. We can work with you to locate your most significant current and prospect talent needs, and through our truly global coverage collaborate with you anywhere across globe We have a committed team of mining experts present in all key geographies relevant to the industry.

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